Medicart Bag Cartridge Bicarbonate


Medicart Bag Cartridge bicarbonate with sodium bicarbonate for hemodialysis

Powder for hemodialysis is a practical alternative to liquid basic bicarbonate hemodialysis solution 8.4 %.

  • Easy-to-use by minimal product weight
  • Less storage volume
  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate powder complies with the EP, USP, BP
  • Can be used with Fresenius dialysis machines
  • Shelf life: 36 months
  • Individually packed in transparent bags as a quality measurement

Technical Data

Product CodeIngredients of ProductsMedicart Bags Per BoxMedicart Bags Per Pallet
Medicart Bag 550 g550 g NaHCO316 pcs896 pcs
Medicart Bag 650 g650 g NaHCO316 pcs896 pcs
Medicart Bag 900 g900 g NaHCO312 pcs672 pcs