Our Vision

Our vision is to "Medical Gazilab as" aims to provide the required service and quality in the medical sector in Turkey and in the world, with emerging technology. Fast, different, improve quality with creative team embraced the spirit of team and continue to work to provide the best service, sectoral needs and opportunities with competitive approach aims to evaluate growth.

Our company started to import from other countries since 2010 and granted to be exclusive distributor for many products and found chance to offer cheaper and high quality service in its sector. Our company is currently importing from Germany, China, England, USA, Hungary, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Spain.

It is working in medical sector by selling hospital laboratory equipment, consumables, fixtures and technical service after sales and training services.

It is selling hospital consumables, medical intensive care equipment and consumables, operation room fixtures and consumables and other hospital equipment and Imaging Devices and Training Sets/Models and technical services in medical sector.

Our Mission

Our mission Quality developing a continuous partnership with manufacturers showing compliance with our standard plan and grow up healthy, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to improve the existing product range to keep abreast of technology and to improve the quality of services in the market quality by adding new products.


Any device, tool, software, material or other product, including software, used alone or in combination.


Intensive Care Units equipment are tools for hospitals that are necessary for the patient's condition in emergency situations and life situations.


baths, cold storage, centrifuges, furnaces, hot plates, incubators, mixers, ovens, refrigerators, shakers, water purity systems and more


Medical materials mean important health products that should be found in health institutions.


Medical education models, training of medical students, auxiliary models for nurses and first aid training.


Health equipment are various protective products used by both the patient and the person who intervenes the patient.

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