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Gazilab Medical Construction Electric A.S
was established in 2001 for giving service in Medical sector.

It is working in medical sector by selling hospital laboratory equipment, consumables, fixtures and technical service after sales and training services. It is selling hospital consumables, medical intensive care equipment and consumables, operation room fixtures and consumables and other hospital equipment and Training Sets/Models and technical services in medical sector.

Our company performed good job and ambitious works in telecommunication sector in last two years. It started to give service in sales of satellite internet systems, satellite phones, wireless systems and their technical services. 

Our company started to import from other countries since 2010 and granted to be exclusive distributor for many products and found chance to offer cheaper and high quality service in its sector. Our company is currently importing from Germany, China, England, USA, Hungary, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Spain.

During supplying of medicine, our company observing the problems of aid organizations faced and taking actions required for appropriate solutions of these problems and determined its policy in this point of view by performing the required arrangements and taking the required permits during import and export not to cause the customers to face any problem.

Our company is combining two sectors, the medicine group and medical group under its activities and aiming to meet all medical requirements from one source under the management and ownership of the same persons.

Our companies would like to contribute these aids and relief by supplying the most appropriate and high quality products. If you could send us your demands it will be replied for sure. Given orders could be delivered to any point or customs/borders in Turkey as free of VAT.


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