Dialysis Chair


• Since the dialysis chair takes up 40% less space than standard dialysis beds, it is very convenient in terms of space usage.
• It consists of three basic parts: seat back, seat and foot.
• Back, leg, trendelenburg and up and down height adjustments, 4 DC motors and electronic control make the desired positions.
• The upholstery is made of visco elastic sponge and it is designed in a way that it does not interfere with the micro blood circulation, which is designed to take the shape of the body by spreading the pressure load of the patient over a wide area during long sitting.
• All upholstery parts including headboard, back and feet can be easily removed and installed for cleaning purposes.
• The arms are two parts and the elbow parts are fixed, the front parts can be adjusted according to the arm position of the patient during dialysis by moving to the right – left and up – down in three stages. The arms move without disturbing the parallelism of the ground depending on the back angle.
• In order to prevent cramps during dialysis, there is a footrest in the foot section of the chair that can be adjusted back and forth according to the patient’s height and can be removed and installed.
• The seat is designed in a way that it can move with the diagonal brake system and can be locked and fixed when desired.
• The headrest of the seat can be adjusted according to the patient’s height and is removable and removable.
The steel construction is protected against corrosion with galvanized coating and electrostatic powder paint. It is completely covered with anti-bacterial and easy-to-clean ABS plastics.