Maternity & Neonatal Delivery And Emergency Simulator



  • This product is a comprehensive teaching model of maternity, can be used for prenatal examination, demonstrating the entire delivery process (including prenatal, childbirth and after delivery), as well as mother and child care.
  • Model is consisted of adult puerpera, full-term fetus, full-term newborn
  • Puerpera legs are very flexible, to meet normal delivery cut-stone body posture
  • Practice breast care
  • Leopold’s 4-step maneuver
  • Prenatal examination
  • Equipped with cervical dilation model and fetal head crowning model
  • Direction of posterior fontanel can be changed by rotating or adjusting the decline
  • Uterine texture is very close to human body, cervical opening can be identified
  • Assisted delivery operation
  • Standard full-term fetus,fontanel can be distinguished, allows to exercise fetus head extraction
  • Perineal position is soft and elastic, applicable for midwifery practice
  • Fetal joints are very flexible, applicable to demonstrating various normal and abnormal fetus position
  • Practice of neonatal nursing
  • Perineum suturing exercise
  • Suturing sets can be replaced
  • perineum care exercise
  • Obstetric abdominal palpation
  • Postpartum abdominal palpation
  • Midwifery practice
  • Simulation of dystocia
  • Simple CPR ( gravida and neonatus)
  • Postpartum uterine palpation training,equipped with below models:
  • Uterine contraction on the first day (in good condition)
  • Uterine contraction on the first day (in poor condition)
  • Uterine contraction on the fifth day ( in good condition)
  • Uterine contraction on the third day (in good condition)