Child Cpr Training Manikin



  • Manual external chest compression with alarm compression depth
  • İs approx 5cm indicator light displays and error alarm if wrong compression
  • Artificial mouth to mouth respiration(inhalation):
  • İnflation volume between 150ml~200ml is correct, indicator light
  • Displays.inflation volume <150ml~200ml< is wrong, indicator light displays, error alert as well
  • İf inflation is too quick or too much, causing the air enter the stomach.
  • İndicator light displays and error alerts
  • Press and artificial respiration proportion:30:2/ single, 15:2/ double
  • Operation cycle: 30:2 (single) or 15:2 CPR (double) , complete five CPR operation.
  • Operating frequency: the newest international standards: at least
  • 100 times/min.
  • Operation mode: training modeInspection of brachial artery response: squeeze the air ball
  • Manually to simulate branchial artery pulse
  • Working status: adopting 220V power supply, or adopting direct
  • Current power of four 1# batteries, adapt to the outdoor training
  • Without power supply.