FLC-030 Non-Reinforced Assembly Glove



First class 100% Turkish Made from split leather all the products used on the glove are domestic and certified. (Leather, Fabric, Lining, Threads).
Contains aramid cotton thread with internally threaded structure. Lined with 100% cotton antiperspirant.
Sizes 10/L 11/XL.
Contains one-piece leather inner surface.
Leather reinforcement to strengthen threads on the back side of the glove.
Provides protection up to wrists by protective cuff.
Provides high rupture and wearing resistance.
This glove is classified as CAT II according to Personal Protective Equipment.
Compliant with 89/686/EEC directives, EN 388 and EN 420 Standards.
CE Certificate is available.


In assembly of metal parts and components.
In automotive industry, assembly and coating processes.
In iron, steel and welding works.
General purpose light metal works.
In injection molds, use of cold parts.
In repair and transport works.
In mining works.
In heavy machinery.
In storage works.