ASR-4000 Digital Mammograpghy System

Super configuration
One button release
Low radiation dose



ASR-4000 is a high-end mammography system. It adopts the latest technologies which enable high performance of ASR-4000 system. The advanced HW & SW ensure our system has the features of excellent image, low radiation dose and user-friendly operation.

Excellent Life Technology
Ø L-Dose technology. Automatically optimize exposure parameters according to the detected breast thickness and breast density.
Ø i-Pose intelligent positioning increases operating convenience, decreases workload and improve work efficiency.
Ø f-Comp Flexible Compression – More flexible comp, more comfortable.
Ø e-View system platform functions highly and seamlessly integrated in e -View system platform with easy-going work-flow and user-friendly operation.

Various Configurations Available
Ø Small and big detectors flat panel for choices
Ø Detectors of a-Si/a-Se possible