C Arm X Ray Anyview


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•Anyview Series – now the new standard of C-arm!
•High-priced premium class specifications at an
economical cost!
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The generator technology is the fundamental of x-ray.
Through an Advanced X-ray Generator technology, you can experience the following.

  • Advanced X-ray Generator technology
    • As soon as the foot switch is stepped on, you can visualize the image
      through the x-ray’s fast response speed.
    • Through 8, 15, 30Hz pulsed frequency, the level of radiation is reduced.
  • IDR mode (Intelligent Dose Reduction)
    • This is a technology that gains the best image through minimum
      radiation dose.
    • With just one switch selection, low dose function is automatically
  • Digital spot mode
    • High-resolution image mode for a detailed image reading.
  • AIIP (Anyview Intelligent Image Processing Module)
    • No more slow and buffering images-AIIP image module is loaded,
      offering high-resolution, high-definition images.
    • 30 frame high-definition images in any fluoro mode.
  • Virtual Collimator
    • When setting the x-ray radiation field, virtual field setting is possible
      without additional x-ray exposure.
    • When setting the x-ray image field, unnecessary radiation exposure can
      be reduced.
  • Built-in Software DAP
    • The patient dosage is shown through the Anyview Series built-in
      software DAP without hardware DAP installation.
    • DAP information can be stored in Patient image information.
  • Perfect pulse generating implemented through Advanced Pulse Technology
  • Imperfect pulse generating will not only increase the patient and operator’s absorbed dose
    (increased rising / falling time) but also downgrade the image quality.
  • Advanced Pulse Fluoroscopy will perfectly implement imaging with lower patient dose.