Multi-Functional One Year Old Child Manikin

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  • l Airway management, oral/nasal cavity intubation, tracheotomy, sputum aspiration, oxygen inhalation and oral/nasal feedin
  • l Venipuncture, transfusion (blood), draw blood.Systemic venous include:Head superficial temporal vein, posterior auricular vein, right arm vein, the great saphenous vein (left), femoral vein (right) and umbilical vein.Realistic feedback and blood backflow.
  • l Bone marrow transfusion
  • l Newborn baby artery pulse: umbilical artery, brachial artery (right), radial artery (right), femoral artery (right) and left foot dorsal artery
  • Basic newborn baby nursing skill training: bath, change cloth, hair care, eye/ear clean and drops, mouth care