Full Functional Child Nursing Manikin

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  • l Pupil observation: normal and dilated pupil
  • l Child nursing skill: full body bandage exercise, bathing, changing clothes, hair combing, eye and ear washing and administering, and oral cavity nursing
  • l Air way management, realistic and accurate anatomical structure for practicing intubation, sputum aspiration and oxygen therapy
  • l Oral and nasal feeding
  • l Gastric lavage
  • l Venipuncture, injection, transfusion (blood), realistic feedback with blood backflow
  • l Intramuscular injection in bilateral deltoid, bilateral vastus lateralis and bilateral buttock
  • l Enema and placement of rectal suppository
  • l Urethral catheterization, male/female exchangeable
  • l Holistic care: sponge bath, changing of clothes and cold/ hot therapy
  • l Flexible limbs for nursing movements
  • l Bathing and bandage
  • l Ostomy nursing of ileum, colon and bladder
  • Tibia bone marrow puncture: simulate the process of bone marrow puncture, clear anatomical mark.
  • Simulated bone marrow outflow after correct puncture