Medicart Cartridge Bicarbonate


Cartridge bicarbonate with sodium bicarbonate for hemodialysis

Powder for hemodialysis is a practical alternative to liquid basic bicarbonate hemodialysis solution 8.4 %.

  • One filter at the cartridge inlet and one filter at the outlet port respectively
  • For Gambro and other compatible Hemodialysis machine
  • Cartridge housing of an environmental material (Polypropylene)
  • Available in various sized cartridges containing 550.-650.-720. and 760gms., granulated, free-flow Sodium Bicarbonate powder, BP/EP
  • Minimum storage space
  • External caps available – top and bottom – which provide protection eliminating the risk of contamination and bacteria

Technical Data

Product CodeIngredients of ProductsMedicart Cartridges Per BoxMedicart Cartridge Per Pallet
Medicart 550 g550 g NaHCO310 pcs720 pcs
Medicart 650 g650 g NaHCO310 pcs720 pcs
Medicart 720 g720 g NaHCO310 pcs720 pcs
Medicart 760 g760 g NaHCO310 pcs720 pcs
Medicart 850 g850 g NaHCO310 pcs720 pcs
Medicart 900 g900 g NaHCO310 pcs720 pcs