Lumbar Puncturing Training Model



  • Simulator lies in lateral position ,The back is perpendicular to the bed ,and the head bends to forebreast, the legs are crooked,Whole body lies likean arc.
  • Waist is flexible ,The trainees should use one hand to hold the legs and the other hand to hold the neck of the simulator to make the vetebral column to protroude backwards ,which could make the gep of vertebra wider for easier puncturing.
  • Lardmaks of the first to fifth lumbar vertebra,including the centrums,the laminas of vertebral arch and spinous process ,could be detected easliy ,posterior superior iliac crest,spinous process of thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra all could be felt from the skin .
  • The operation below could be practised:spinal anaesthesia ,sacral nerve block, lumbar sympathetic ganglion block.
  • When the puncturing needle is inserted to yellow ligament ,an absence of resistance could be left ,then the needle arrives in the abclominal cavity,and a negative pressure would come out ,the needle continues goes ahead ,it will pass through spinal dura mater and arachnoid ,the second absence of resistancte would be felt then ,needle now gets in the subarachnoid cavity ,the simulative ncurliymph would flow out throug the needle