Cardiopulmonary palpation and auscultation manikin



  • Automatically pulse of carotid artery and femoral artery
  • Percussion: aeropleura position and extent, liver border of dullness, shifting dullness in abdomen
  • Liver puncture septic surgery operation, patient may groan l Replaceable bone marrow puncture modules
  • Voice prompts for correct and wrong puncture
  • Convenient and flexible console
  • Convenient to set up and move,
  • Manikin’s position can be changed easily, supine position, sitting position, semi-sitting position and right arm reclining, etc.
  • Select button on the control desk, with body contour, instruct the needle site
  • Liver puncture: can choose breath holding prompts to limit the puncture time, puncturing during the breath holding time is correct
  • Realistic simulation of operation process, provide 11 kinds of operation and puncture training: Sterile operation, right internal jugular vein, right subclavian vein, right femoral vein, left aeropleura, left pleural effusion, liver puncture septic, abdominal puncture, pericardial chamber puncture, intracardiac injection, anterior superior iliac spine bone marrow puncture