Advanced Cpr Training Manikin Computer Control



  •  Simulation of vital signs: pupil and carotid arterial changes
  •  Upper limb joints are movable
  •  Airway opening
  •  CPR training : CPR training is designed according to the 2010 AHA
  • Guidelines for CPR and ECC, can perform artificial respiration and  

   external cardiac compression, English voice prompts during the entire
process; standard airway open, real time operation waveform display,
voice prompts of correct and incorrect operation, data statistic, result

  • Printing, available of training and exam mode Ultimedia courseware teaching is available, can be connected to
  •    Projector.Available standalone version and online interactive version. 
  •    Standalone version can be upgraded to online interactive version
  •  AED (optional accessory):adopt automated external defibrillator 

   (excessive for training), provide electrode patch, English prompts 

  •    During the entire process.