Advanced CPR & Intubeation Trining Maninkin



  • Bilateral pupils normal and mydriasis comparison, carotid artery pulse
  • Ankle joints can be rotated, arm intramuscular injection,vastus lateralis muscle injection
  • Male/ Female genital organs are interchangeable. Male / female urethral catheterization could be both practiced.
  • Airway management: standard oral/nasal intubation, excessive pressure on teeth will activate the alarm, correct or incorrect operation indicators.
  • CPR: can perform artificial respiration and external cardiac compression basing on the 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC.
  • Opertion method: training and examination for single or multiple
  • English voice prompt during the entire process
  • Standard airway opening, real time date display
  • Voice prompts for correct or incorrect operation
  • Data statistic, result printing, automatic scoring system