Thoracic (From Back) Puncture Training Model



  • Simulated standardized patient, reverse sit on backrest chair, arms put on the edge of the chair back, and head puts in the forearm, image is very realistic ◆Obvious body surface symbol, accurate anatomical position, scapula, costal bone , intercostal space ,spinousprocess are easy to touch
  • Percussion bilateral back to confirm the site of puncture
  • Perfect site of puncture: [bilateral] scapular line, midaxillary line, posterior axillary line, all can implement thoracentesis, give full play to simulated patient’ value in use
  • High elastic material, excellent function, effectively extend the useful life of product
  • Electronic monitoring: when performing the puncture, requires puncture needle vertical piercing along the superior border of inferior rib, there will be sound prompts for wrong puncture
  • Skin and puncture capsular spaces are replaceable