Star Infant Care System Supplier Infant Incubator



  • Air temp. by computer
  • Separete settting temp. and real temp. display windows
  • Various and self-check alarms
  • Removable humidity trough, easy to clean
  • With the transfusion shelf and tray
  • RS-232 connector
  • Phototherapy (option)


Product ModelRC-BIN3000A
Electrical requirement    220 50hz or 230v 60hz
Power Consumption<450VA
Air Mode temp.range20.0℃-37.0℃
Air over temp.alarm<38.0℃
Air mode high temp.range37.1℃-39.0℃
High temp.mode alram<40.0℃
Air mode display temp.range20.0℃-45.0℃
Air mode alarm+1.5℃ or -2.5℃
Air control accuracy<0.5℃
Mattress temp.uniformity<0.8℃
Noise <55dB(A)