Laryngoscope Firststar

The product is made of stainless steel material.
There is 1 ultra safe handle and 4 blades in the laryngoscope set, which has a high quality, fiber optic and light transport system. Macintosh blades are numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3.
Since blades do not cover the field of vision, they do not make intubation difficult.
Blades and handle in the set can be sterilized using autoclave at 134 degrees Celsius.
All parts are resistant to disinfectant solution.
The product can be used safely in both children and adults.
1 hard plastic carrying and storage case is included in the set.
The carrying case has slots suitable for each piece. The parts do not come into contact with each other while the set is being carried.
All parts in the set are lightweight, practical and durable.


The laryngoscope set, which is produced with LED technology and ensures that the respiratory tract of the patient or the victim is kept open, includes 4 blades. The set is also ideal for use in anesthesia. The handles and blades in the fiberoptic laryngoscope set, which has the feature of facilitating artificial respiration, can be easily attached and removed, designed and produced with a ball system. It offers a practical use.