Gel + Clot Activator

The tube is dispensed with separating gel and clot activator. This tube is used for blood collection and storage for biochemistry, immunology, element trace, various types of virus detection and so on for clinical tests. Invert 5-6 times after blood collection, and wait for 30 minutes before centrifuge. Centrifuge shall be set as 1500-1700 RCF for 10 minutes.


MaterialSpec(mm)Volume(ml)LabelShelf life(year)Package
Glass13*753、3.5、4Paper label2100/1800
Glass13*1005、6Paper label2100/1200
Glass16*1007、8Paper label2100/1200
PET13*753、4Paper label/UV Printing1100/1800
PET13*1005、6Paper label/UV Printing1100/1800
PET16*1007、8Paper label/UV Printing1100/1200