• Our ability to provide the best care for baby patients, and reduce the pressure in emergency conditions or in NICU.
  • Pre-warm, manual control and baby skin tempterature mode
  • Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system with far-infrared heater
  • Temperature deviation can be observed and amended in front panel for error measurement
  • Self-checking function for safety affirmative
  • The  inclination of bassinet can be adjusted.
  • Heater head can be adjusted horizontally
  • Foldable transparent protector
  • Skin temperature sensor fall protect function to avoid over warming
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities
  • Observe light angle can be adjusted
  • 40% Constant power warming function
  • RS-232 connector
  • Application
  • The FXQ3 unit is easy to use with simple guild with the basic function for the caregivers. Its comfortable warming environment in open care system is the best needs for patient monitor. Widely applicable in all hospitals and clinics and optimize for preterm births or for some ill full-term babies.

Optional accessories

  •   APGAR timer
  •   X-ray cassette
  •   Oxygen therapy system unit, oxygen hood
  •   Suction unit
  •   Resuscitation bag
  •   Infant head fixating
  •   Blue & white examination light
  •   Electrical height adjustment
  •   Phototherapy unit (LED light or OSRAM tubes)