Cardio PC/E Ergometer


Rest and exercise ECG diagnostic system with bicycle and/or treadmill ergometer

Flexible features for user’s needs
• Customizable and standard exercise protocols
• Flexible report content
• Automatic control of bicycle and treadmill
• Automatic or manual blood pressure measurement
• Graphic display of the exercise process and the
measured parameters
• Full-disclosure display and record storage
Reliable automatic measurement
analysis functions
• Heart frequency dependent ST measurement
and analysis
• Arrhythmia analysis
• Real-time axis position, amplitude and
Cardio PC/E system services
• 3/6/12-channel real-time monitoring in any lead
• Digital baseline filter
• Real time measured parameters and analysis
on the averaged curves: axis position, amplitude
(P,Q,R,S,T,ST,J), time parameters (P width, PQ
distance, QRS width, QT distance), heart frequency
• Alarms: heart-frequency, ST level change,
blood- pressure level
• Exercise graph: load level, HR, blood-pressure,
RPP, revolutions, ES, SVES, VES, QT interval
• Display of loading in MET
• Target heart frequency definition based on age
• Borg-scale
• Duke score nomogram
• Weber functional arrangement
• Calculating aerob capacity decrease
• Use of Bayes-law for examination
• Making hyperventilation ECG
• Built-in customizable storage and
printed reports
• Documentation of angina,
medication intake and
pre-examination medication

System components:
• CardioPC rest and exercise ECG diagnostic program
• High end, scientific level CardioPC USBH-12 as 12-channel
measuring head or HeartScreen 112 Clinic ECG
• Bicycle and/or treadmill ergometer
• Patient cable with electrodes
• High-performance PC-based diagnostic
• Large color monitor
• Laser printer
• Innobase for Windows
cardiological database
management system
• Automatic blood-pressure measurement
for bicycle ergometer and/or treadmill
• Suction electrode ECG cable system
• Device trolley

/with USBH-12 head/
Measuring head/Pc interface
USB optionally Bluetooth
12-channel amplifier
Amplifier frequency response
DC … 150 Hz
Input noise
min 120dB (with filter)
DC tolerance
± 320 mV DC
Pace-maker tolerance
max. 700 mV/2ms
Pace detection
min. 2 mV/0.5 ms
max. 700 mV/2 ms
Input impedance
tip. 50 Mohm
Input signal range
± 10 mV
A/D converter resolution
22 bits, 50 kHz

-50/60 Hz noise filter
-Muscle filter
-digital baseline filter
Patient cable
10-lead cable with patents
Safety class
I, CF according to EN60601-1
ECG specification
according to EN60601-2-25
Operating temperature
+10 °C … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 °C … +60 °C
Operating, storage humidity
25% … 95% without condensation
Defibrillator protection
Only with manufacturer supplied defibrillator protected cable!