Automated Abdominal Palpation And Auscultation Manikin



  • Product is for single use, can perform palpation and auscultation practice on manikin
  • İvid simulation of multiple cardiopulmonary palpation and auscultation symptoms:
  • Normal heart sound, abnormal heart sounds, various cardiovascular murmur, pericardial friction sound, palpation of precordial tremor, sense of pericardial friction, various pathologic breath sounds, moist rales, vocal fremitus, pleuritic rub etc.
  • Exam of palpation and auscultation, teachers can evaluate students’ operation
  • One microcomputer control boards
  • One microcomputer display board
  • One high-power expanded soundboard
  • One high-power speaker
  • One cardiopulmonary palpation and auscultation manikin
  • Optional male or female